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As a family law attorney in Orange County, Shawn Golesorkhi understands that the financial and emotional issues that arise from family law matters are unique for each client. Standard divorce agreements and a lack of consideration for clients’ circumstances can produce results that fail to meet their needs and budgets. And when your family and your ability to take care of them are in jeopardy, you need informed, caring, tenacious legal representation. In southern California, you need Shawn Golesorkhi.

Family Law Professional background
Shawn followed a path familiar to many lawyers. He worked for a few different family law firms before he found a good fit. He focused on litigation — fighting battles for all kinds of clients in a broad spectrum of cases. After years of litigation, he took a break from the practice of law to travel. One year later he returned to California and opened his law office to practice as an Orange County divorce attorney.

His experience in litigation has equipped Shawn to fight for his clients — and to be aggressive if that is the best approach. But it also has shown him that he would rather hear his clients out and work with them to create solutions they can live with, instead of fighting aggressively to defend people who do not deserve it or representing impersonal companies with routine matters.

With a commitment to making clients feel comfortable, Shawn stands out from other Orange County family law attorneys in the level of close attention he pays to every client and his willingness to provide clients and potential clients the information they need to make strong, quality legal decisions for themselves.

Legal experience as a family lawyer in Orange County

Shawn was admitted to the bar in 2003. He has extensive litigation experience as a family law attorney and has been involved in trials related to such issues as child custody, the mobility rights of parents, imputing income under the Child Support Guidelines, and the rights of adoptive parents under child welfare legislation. Unlike many family lawyers in Orange County, Shawn successfully argued one of his first family law cases before the California Court of Appeals.

Practice areas

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Located in Costa Mesa, our law office focuses on family law and divorce representation in Orange County, but we also accept cases in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. For comprehensive legal guidance and close personal service, contact Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law online or call 949-241-5751 to schedule your free initial consultation today.