Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

We can work it out

At the start of your divorce, an amicable resolution may feel impossible. The thought of trying to make compromises on what you hold dearest with your husband or wife might scare you, disgust you or even make your blood boil. But divorce mediation can save money and time, and it can salvage a future between you and your spouse, which is vital when there are children involved.

As a divorce lawyer in Orange County, CA, Shawn Golesorkhi has experience reviewing these agreements and can ensure you have addressed all issues pertaining to marital dissolution and your rights have been upheld in creating the divorce agreement.

Strong support throughout the mediation process

Whether you and your spouse agree to pursue divorce mediation or it is ordered by the court, you get the support and knowledge you need from our family law firm. After each of your meetings with your spouse and the neutral third party, Shawn provides legal counsel and a discerning eye to the agreements and compromises you made.

Following your mediation sessions, consult your Orange County divorce mediation lawyer immediately to discuss the agreements and compromises you reached. Once the mediation process is complete Shawn reviews your final document and ensures the terms of your agreement are consistent with what you want, especially regarding the division of marital assets and custody and support determinations.

He can then take the appropriate steps to ensure your final agreement is legally binding. In the event the agreement is not sufficiently beneficial to you, Shawn can represent you in alternative methods of divorce or separation.

Divorce mediation is not for everyone

While divorce mediation is usually a stress-saving, cost-efficient means of dissolving a marriage, it is not right for everyone. In case of mental or physical abuse or a steeply unbalanced power dynamic in your relationship, you may need to approach your divorce in a different way. This does not necessarily mean you must go through the adversarial method of litigation, but collaborative divorce, where both of your Orange County family lawyers are present, can produce a more balanced, equitable conclusion.

Contact a knowledgeable divorce mediation lawyer in Orange County, California

Located in Costa Mesa, our law office focuses representation in Orange County, but we also accept cases in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. Consult an Orange County divorce mediation attorney with the compassion to guide you and the legal knowledge to protect you throughout your divorce. Contact Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law online or call (949) 241-5751 today.