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Just as every family is different, the optimal legal resolutions to address your domestic issues may differ for everyone. A divorce touches every part of your life personally and profoundly. Your divorce law firm in Orange County should understand that.

Orange County divorce lawyer Shawn Golesorkhi works with you to determine what you want out of your divorce and strives to obtain it. Our divorce law firm tells you what you need to know about the process, your range of options and the likely outcomes of your divorce or separation.

Divorce law firm in Orange County providing comprehensive family law legal service

Pop culture emphasizes the bitter end of relationships by spouses demanding the house, the car, the money, etc. But there is much more to divorce law than dividing your property:

When divorce won’t work for you, I can help you separate from your spouse to retain some of the benefits of marriage while amending your legal status.

Divorce mediation provides a neutral environment where you and your spouse meet with an unbiased third party to discuss the terms of your divorce. I review your agreement to make sure you will receive what you want and everything you are entitled to, and if everything is in order I assist you in making it legally binding.

A progressive means to dissolving your marriage, an Orange County collaborative divorce attorney allows you and your spouse to meet and discuss and decide each term of your divorce. This method produces a legally binding agreement to be approved by a judge, as well as an amicable resolution to a potentially combative matter.

  • Child custody

For parents, this is the most vital and often the most contentious aspect of the divorce. A skilled child custody lawyer in Orange County can explain your options and customize solutions to fit your and your spouse’s needs. This aspect and the division of assets and property can involve a great deal of debate. Speak to our child support attorney to learn more.

Shawn is also a litigator and can fight for clients in court when necessary, but the argumentative approach is not always in your best interest. As a skilled family law attorney in Orange County Shawn can usually help you get what you want without taking your spouse to court or being dragged to court yourself. If litigation is the only way to resolve your divorce, we assume the upper hand in court and fight for your best interests.

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Located in Costa Mesa, our Orange County divorce law office focuses our representation in Orange County, but we also accept cases in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. For comprehensive legal guidance, contact Orange County, CA divorce attorney Shawn Golesorkhi online or call 949-241-5751 to schedule your free initial consultation today.