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Irvine, CA is proof that master-planned communities can work exceptionally well. More than 50 years after the Irvine Company began converting its cattle ranch into villages and commercial centers adjacent to the new University of California campus, The City of Irvine ranks as the 14th most populous city in California. But more important than its size is the fact that Irvine offers an outstanding quality of life to more than 280,000 residents. Irvine has been ranked among “the happiest,” “the best,” “best run,” and “the safest” places to live in the United States by numerous publications in recent years. But even in the finest cities, families struggle with numerous challenges. Often those challenges require legal remedies.

If you need assistance for a divorce, a child custody dispute, or any other type of family law matter, Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law is ready to help. Drawing on more than 15 years of family law experience, Shawn analyzes issues and finds creative solutions based on your individual circumstances, your values, and your goals. While other family law practitioners try to shoe-horn clients into their preferred solutions, Shawn seeks a comprehensive and lasting resolution that’s as unique as your family.

Trustworthy divorce lawyer in Irvine, CA

Although most clients think of divorce as an end to one stage in their life, the job of a divorce attorney is to help you begin the next stage. With this in mind, Shawn focuses on your goals for the future, including:

  • How and where you want to live
  • How you want to raise your children
  • How you can be financially secure
  • How you can avoid conflicts with your ex in the future

In many cases, it’s possible to negotiate a comprehensive marital settlement agreement that resolves all areas of conflict, such as alimony, property division, child custody and child support. Settlements save you the time, expense and stress of a court hearing, and give you greater control over the outcome. Settlements are also more likely to last, because each party has a stake in an agreement they created.

However, there are times when a divorce must be fought aggressively in court, such as when:

  • One spouse is hiding income or has transferred assets to keep them out the other’s reach
  • One spouse has run up a great amount of hidden debt
  • A parent is a negative influence or even a threat to the children
  • A child has special needs which one of the parent’s is not equipped to meet
  • One spouse is consumed by resentment and is making unreasonable demands

When it necessary to fight for a just outcome, you can rely on Shawn’s courtroom skills and his determination to deliver the results you deserve.

Skilled management of Irvine child custody disputes

Child custody can be a matter of contention during and after divorce. Generally, it’s best to approach the issue with the same attitude the court has: everything is subordinate to the best interests of your children. You may have anger and resentment towards your spouse which shapes your opinion about how good a parent he or she is, but you’ve got to let that go. You must recognize that your children love their parents equally, and, in most cases, what’s best for your kids is to have frequent, meaningful contact with both parents, so they can maintain their loving relationship. All this means that the best approach to child custody is to try and negotiate a parenting plan that acknowledges the other parent’s rights, and fits the unique needs of your family.

However, the health and safety of your children are of paramount importance. If you have genuine concerns about the other parent being unfit, immature, or a bad risk for custody, that’s a fight worth having, and Shawn litigates such cases aggressively to secure an outcome that safeguards your children.

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