Orange County Child Custody Attorney

Your children still have two parents

Although you are shedding a husband or wife in your divorce or separation, your child will always have two parents. It is critical that a child maintain relationships with both parents throughout his or her life, especially in the formative years; however, extreme cases may warrant sole custody to one parent rather than the other.

Regardless of the specifics of your family dynamic, we want to help you fight for your kids. Orange County child custody attorney Shawn Golesorkhi listens to your story and helps you determine the custody, visitation, and support arrangements that serve the best interests of your children. Call Orange County divorce lawyer Shawn Golesorkhi for a free consultation.

How the right Orange County child custody lawyer can make a difference

Some divorce law firms take a high volume of cases and create uniform solutions to make a quick profit — a strategy that benefits the lawyers, but not their clients. The standard custody terms of most weekdays with mom and weekends with dad may work for some families. But not everyone has a regular schedule that permits these one-size-fits-all structured handoffs. Your child custody lawyer in Orange County should provide you with options and terms that meet your needs and that are in your child’s best interests.

As an experienced family law attorney Shawn knows the law and knows how to construct a solution that reflects your desires as a parent and does right by your children.

Orange County child support attorney

Child custody determinations also mean that the parent less involved with the child’s day-to-day behaviors and expenses must provide financial support to the other parent. This amount is generally based on California’s child support guidelines. Shawn Golesorkhi, your Orange County child support lawyer, can help you make sure child support payments are sufficient, enforced and modified within reason following the finalization of a divorce decree, if the circumstances allow for it.

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Among Orange County child custody lawyers, Shawn Golesorkhi stands out from the rest

For personal attention, cost-effective legal service and a true understanding of your rights in your support or custody case, contact knowledgeable, compassionate child support and child custody attorney in Orange County Shawn Golesorkhi online or call 949-241-5751 to schedule your free initial consultation today.