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One-size-fits-all divorce solutions do not work for everyone. In fact, as an experienced divorce attorney in Orange County, Shawn Golesorkhi would argue that a one-size-fits-all divorce doesn’t serve anyone but the lawyer who bills for it.

At Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law, we assist clients in obtaining the best possible resolutions to their family law issues, whether that is through divorce or legal separation.

Why should I get a legal separation instead of a divorce?

Maybe you think you might not need a complete divorce, but you are looking for a legal separation from your spouse. In difficult economic times, some couples choose to retain an Orange County legal separation lawyer in order to take advantage of the financial benefits of staying married:

  • You can maintain health benefits by staying on your spouse’s plan
  • You remain eligible for tax breaks associated with marital status
  • You must remain married to be entitled to a portion of your spouse’s military pension
  • Some Social Security benefits through a spouse are available only after 10 years of legal marriage

A legal separation may also be more appropriate for you if your religion or ethical standings prevent divorce or if you or your spouse does not meet the residency requirement to file for divorce.

A family law attorney in Orange County will be able to advise you on the optimal circumstances for your legal separation or divorce.

Legal separation misconceptions

People often confuse the legal status of legal separation with the personal choice of trial separation. These are not the same — a legal separation is a process which deals with many of the same issues as divorce, including:

A legal separation is best for those who want a divorce but must stay married because of financial or religious reasons.

Another common misconception is that a legal separation will eventually become a divorce. If you are legally separated, it is your official marital status until you file for divorce. At this point, the divorce should go smoothly, as all the separation terms have been decided.

Finally, not all Orange County divorce law firms are willing to represent you in a legal separation. While you are deciding the same terms in your separation agreement as you would in a divorce, emotions typically run higher in a divorce than in a circumstance that calls for a separation. Read: divorce may cost you more, yielding a better pay day for the lawyer.

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