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While divorce may be your major legal concern, an Orange County divorce attorney can also help you with other family issues. Family dynamics change over time, and those changes often affect legal obligations. You may receive a new job offer in another state or, at some point, consider re-marrying. We don’t expect you to know the law ― because that is our job. An experienced attorney from our Orange County family law firm can explain the legalities, help you consider your options and guide you in making the best decisions.

By consulting Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law, you gain valuable information pertinent to your legal concern. We help families resolve matters in the following family law areas:

Family law firm in Orange County tailoring approaches just for you

Relocation after divorce requires approval from the court and, typically, you need post-divorce modifications of child custody arrangements, including visitation. If conflict arises, your Orange County mediation attorney can discuss a collaborative law approach or a negotiated settlement. Most issues can be settled outside of court and we try to provide you with the most affordable solution that also suits your objectives. However, domestic violence, due to the nature of the issue, often requires litigation of some sort. Even so, we are up to any challenge and work quickly to obtain restraining orders or do whatever is necessary to protect you.

Not all family matters involve the role of a family law attorney. Other family situations also require legal help. When planning a relationship ― whether a marriage, domestic partnership or cohabitation ― you begin sharing ownership and may want to keep your previously owned possessions separate. We can devise prenuptial, postnuptial, domestic partnership or cohabitation agreements so you draw the legal lines according to your objectives.

Adopting a child is an exciting event for a couple, but, to keep it joyful, you must ensure solid legal agreements are in place to prevent future confusion.

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Whatever your family issue, Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law offers compassionate and knowledgeable legal guidance that uniquely applies to your situation. For a comprehensive approach, contact Orange County, California family law firm of Shawn Golesorkhi online or call 949-241-5751 to schedule your free initial consultation today.