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In many ways, living in Mission Viejo is the archetypal Southern California experience. This planned bedroom community nestled in the Saddleback Valley, featuring lovely, tree-lined streets with white houses in the Spanish mission style, is the picture of domestic tranquility. The town’s 90,000 residents enjoy fair temperatures and sunshine for most of the year, and most would admit the June gloom is a small price to pay. But when that gloom invades your home, in the form of a divorce or another family law issue, it’s time to find an attorney who can provide the personal counsel you need.

Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law prides himself on being a different kind of divorce and family law attorney. Having worked for a few divorce mills, Shawn has seen how some lawyers tried to squeeze clients into narrow “solutions” that don’t really fit their circumstances or goals, or run up litigation expenses pursuing unrealistic outcomes rather than reasonable compromises. When Shawn takes your case, he listens to the whole range of your concerns, and offers specific advice tailored to your unique circumstances. When advising you on the best legal strategy to pursue, Shawn draws on more than 15 years of lessons learned, the most important of which is to always put the client’s needs first.

Reliable divorce attorney in Mission Viejo

Shawn recognizes that although every divorce is instructive, no two divorces are exactly alike. So, although he’s gained a great deal of knowledge from past cases, he looks forward with every new case. His commitment to examining your situation with fresh eyes allows him to explore creative solutions to contentious matters, such as:

  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Child Custody
  • Child support

In most divorces, the parties are best served with a negotiated divorce settlement that keeps them out of court and protects them from an adverse court ruling. However, it’s imperative that a party negotiate from a position of strength. Therefore, Shawn prepares relentlessly, so he has command of every necessary detail. Then, if the case must go to court for one or more unresolved issues, he’s ready to fight to uphold your rights.

Family law attorney advocating for your children’s best interests

Child custody is often the stickiest issue in a divorce, and can continue to plague the parents even after the divorce is final. To reach a settlement that addresses your concerns, satisfies the court, and proves workable in your post-divorce life, Shawn takes a firm, but reasoned approach to negotiations. He believes that it’s always best for parents to develop their own plan and present it to the court for approval. After all, no one knows your family better than you do, and even the most conscientious judge is going to rule with only limited knowledge of your family.

For this reason, Shawn counsels his clients to be reasonable about the other parent’s rights and respect the fact that their children probably have an equally loving relationship with each of you. When parents assume this attitude, it’s much easier to craft a parenting plan that respects their rights, advances their children’s best interests, and works in practice.

On the other hand, there are cases where a parent has a legitimate concern about the other’s ability to function as a caregiver. Issues such as anger management, substance abuse, a demanding career, or lack of maturity can raise red flags. In cases where the other parent might be a threat to the health or safety of children, Shawn fights aggressively to achieve an outcome that safeguards their future.

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