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In many ways, Orange County is the ideal place to marry and raise a family. From its coastline featuring forty miles of California’s finest beaches to the Santa Ana Mountains in the east, Orange County abounds in natural beauty, nurtured in a Mediterranean climate that invites outdoor recreation all year-round. World class family entertainment is only a short drive away at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park, or Knotts Berry Farm. And, there are fine schools at all levels, including campuses of the UC and the CS systems at Irvine and Fullerton. But this idyllic setting is not an antidote to all of life’s ups and downs. Often, Orange County families go through crises, and many of these require legal solutions.

If you are looking for assistance for a family law problem, including divorce and child custody disputes, Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law is prepared to help. Shawn takes a different approach from the standard divorce mill, which tries to squeeze your problems into their formulaic processes. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience, Shawn provides highly personalized service that focuses on your concerns and your goals for a complete, lasting resolution. When it’s your family at issue, the last thing you want is impersonal case management from an inaccessible attorney. Shawn promises to be at your side as a confidante and advocate, giving emotional support as well as legal guidance, as he works tirelessly to deliver positive results.

Divorce attorneys in Orange County, CA

Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law serves clients in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, Huntington Beach, and many more Orange County communities. Shawn’s approach to divorce is flexible; he gathers as much information as possible before suggesting a strategy that’s appropriate for your circumstances. Some divorces are simple: there’s widespread agreement between the spouses and not much property at stake. Both spouses realize it’s in their best interests to negotiate a settlement quickly and move on. Other cases are fraught with complexity:

  • At least one party is highly emotional and unreasonable
  • The marital estate is ample with various assets, multiple sources of income, and debt
  • There are questions about whether certain property belongs to one of the spouses or to the marital estate
  • The parties disagree about the best way to raise their children
  • At least one of the children has special needs
  • One party will require alimony because of an inability to work or because caring for young children makes returning to work too difficult

With questions such as these, a case requires in-depth investigation to uncover all relevant facts and aggressive litigation to protect the client’s rights. You can rely on Shawn to manage your case professionally and to vigorously pursue the goals you set.

Creative solutions to contentious Orange County child custody disputes

The hardest fought issues in family law tend to center around children. This is also an area where the traditional approach often fails the client, as the attorney runs up charges pursuing unrealistic outcomes and exposing the children to unnecessary emotional turmoil. Shawn favors a realistic approach, founded on certain commonsense principles:

  • Children tend to love both parents equally, and that’s a good thing
  • Differences in parenting style are not generally detrimental to children
  • Cooperative co-parenting heals the pain of divorce for children and parents

Finally, it bears noting that the court bases all child custody decisions on “the best interests of the child.” What judges look for in most cases is a way for the children to have frequent, meaningful contact with both parents, allowing them to maintain a loving relationship. This should be the goal to any child custody settlement or litigation.

That being said, there are times when a parent must fight to protect a child from abuse or risk of harm. In such cases, Shawn is prepared to use his considerable courtroom skills to ensure your child’s safety.

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Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law offers free consultations for new family law clients in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, Huntington Beach, and throughout Orange County. To schedule an appointment, contact Shawn online or call (949) 241-5751 today.