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Deciding to divorce is a major life event. Choosing among the divorce lawyers in Orange County, California, should be simple.

With emotions running high, it is easy to get lost in the legalities. At the law office of Shawn Golesorkhi, Attorney at Law, we make sure you are informed, heard, in contact with your lawyer and never overcharged. You should know what you’re getting into and understand the full breadth of the options available for all aspects of your divorce, including:

Orange County family lawyer Shawn Golesorkhi can help. Our law office takes a different approach to obtain a positive outcome.

Comprehensive legal service throughout the divorce process

We are dedicated to giving you the information you need from free initial consultation through every step of the divorce process:

Divorce petition. The divorce process begins when one spouse files the divorce petition and serves the petition on the other spouse.

Response. After receiving the divorce petition your spouse has 30 days to file a response. If no response is filed, the divorce proceeds and your attorney prepares and submits a judgment to the court.

Discovery. During discovery, the parties exchange documents and information about assets and income. Discovery may also include depositions or interrogatories regarding financial and other matters.

Temporary orders. Either spouse may file with the court for temporary orders on custody and support while the divorce is pending.

Settlement through mediation or collaborative divorce. The court may order mediation, or you and your spouse may opt to engage in voluntary mediation to resolve divorce issues so you can avoid or reduce litigation in court. If you are able to settle all the issues, a settlement agreement is drafted and filed with the court. Your divorce becomes final six months and one day after the divorce petition was served.

Litigation. If a settlement agreement cannot be reached or certain issues cannot be resolved, the spouses proceed to court. Once all matters have been determined, the court enters a judgment and the divorce becomes final after the waiting period has elapsed.

When you are facing the unfamiliar, make sure you have an divorce law firm in Orange County who keeps you in the know. Contact us.

When divorce in Orange County breeds debts…

You may find that your divorce costs you more than you had planned. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for divorce to cause a person to accrue debts that force him or her into filing for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. Doubling as an Orange County bankruptcy lawyer, Shawn Golesorkhi can help you choose the debt relief option that is right for you to overcome your expenses and get your new life on track.

We are knowledgeable in Orange County Divorce Law

Located in Costa Mesa, the law office of Shawn Golesorkhi focuses our representation in Orange County, but we also accept cases in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. For comprehensive legal guidance, contact Orange County divorce law firm of Shawn Golesorkhi online or call 949-241-5751 to schedule your free initial consultation today.